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The Bars

We have not one but two bars for you at the Towersey Fringe! Our main bar is provided by XTbrewing, a local company who produce the most delicious ales and cider. We also provide our excellent Pimms and Prosseco plus a range of soft drinks. Our Gin bar, kindly sponsored by ASM, will be offering a selection of delicious Foxdenton Gins. Everything you need to let you just kick back and listen to some great music. Open from 5.00 pm on Saturday 29th and from 1.00 pm on Sunday 30th. 

Cool Berry

Welcome to Coolberry Café heaven. It’s where a combination of high quality, soft frozen yogurt comes togetherwith a super delicious variety of toppings to create the most sumptious tasting snack. Ever!


Mozzarellanation came from our desire to reproduce the taste and experience that we had whilst travelling through Italy.  Although the well lit, comfortable and long established pizza chains were great, it was the taste of the authentic ‘no fuss’ Neapolitan pizzerias that left a lasting impression.  It seemed like ‘proper’ food, the sort of food that just hits the spot!

After looking for the same tastes and experiences back here, it was soon apparent that the only way we could replicate the smells and tastes that we had experienced on our travels was to start making our own.  So, with the tips, hints and knowledge that we had gathered on our travels, our journey began and Mozzerellanation was born.

The authentic, distinctive taste that our log fired oven gives is unmistakable. No other form of cooking can replicate it.  As soon as our Neapolitan oven reaches 400 – 500 degrees is is ready for your freshly made pizza to be cooked, in just one minute!

Panada Thai Food

We are very pleased to welcome back Panada with her home cooked Thai Food.  A real taste of Thailand at Towersey Fringe!

Panada Thai Food
Smoke Yard

Smokeyard Kitchen

There is just something special about BBQ, food cooked with fire and smoke. For us good BBQ means keeping it simple, source the best produce and ingredients, treat them with respect and add a little fire, smoke, patience and time. Our style of BBQ comes from our involvement with the Oxfordshire street food scene, with delicious and innovative menus designed to showcase our passion for home smoked meats and grilled BBQ, complimented by our freshly made sides and sauces.

Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and available for private catering, at Smoke Yard Kitchen our love of BBQ is combined with over 20 years of experience in the event catering industry, bringing a professional yet friendly and relaxed approach to your wedding, private party,corporate event or street food market, sharing good food and good times.


The Pork Shack

Bringing you a taste of the Phillipines with our delicious adobo pork dishes!

The Pork Shack
Amor Nachos Food Vendor

Amor Nachos

We are a small independent catering company offering our authentic Mexican Nachos

Le Petit Café

Hi, my name is Simon Morton.  I have long been a fan of classic vehicles and I love the ugly beauty of he HY Van.  It’s an iconic vehicle with roots back to the 1940’s and perfect for a conversion into a cafe.  I  bought my van in France, in fact it was the Poitiers town council van for many years, I drove it home to Oxfordshire  and have lovingly restored it from top to bottom, it has now risen again into “Le Petit cafe”.

I am a trained barista and am passionate about excellent coffee and tea. I provide some of the best coffee and tea around, forget the high street chains, this is true Artisan coffee and an exquisite tea experience, of course its personal preference and you will just have to taste it and make up your own mind!

I am available to attend Festivals, Events or special occasions – I am based in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire and travel to all nearby counties.

The Chipsmyth

The Chipsmyth launched in 2015, created by Philip and Louis Keen, a father and son team from Windsor, Berkshire.  Philip is a chef with 35- years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry. Together they have a burning passion for food and especially the exciting new world of street food with all its possibilities.

 ‘The aim for the business is to create a wonderful street food experience and provide the service we would expect and enjoy ourselves.’  ‘We serve generous portions of hearty food for a reasonable price. Customers receive a free bottle of water with every portion, which never fails to make people smile.’ 

 ‘Our product is fresh chips, hand- cut from Maris piper potatoes, served with our delicious range of homemade toppings and sauces.’

 ‘We are constantly trying new ingredients and flavours to create toppings, from classics such as pulled pork and coleslaw to experiments like kid meat goat curry with mango salsa. We keep the food fresh and exciting by using seasonal and local produce.’

 ‘We currently operate in markets and cater for events across The South East of England and are always looking to expand. We are available for public and private hire, such as weddings, parties and corporate events. contact us to find out more about prices and availability.’


Fanny Annie's

We’re an independent street food kitchen, rolling out the freshest Grilled Cheese Sarnies & Barista-style Coffee in the south! 

Based in Dorset, we’re huge fans of cheese, decent coffee and our beloved countryside, so we’ve brought these three things together to share the love of a good Cuppa Joe and some seriously tasty cheddar. We spent a lot of time sourcing the finest ingredients to bring you extremely high quality food & drink without any bad stuff. Think cross country trips to the farm, and bread mountains at the tiny bakery we use. We think of the cows too…without them we’d be snookered! On top of that, we make sure all of our containers are 100% compostable, so you can rest easy knowing we’re doing our bit for the planet at the same time. We’re basically cheesy heroes…

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