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We have not one but two bars for you at the Towersey Fringe! Our main bar is provided by XTbrewing, a local company who produce the most delicious ales and cider. We also provide our excellent Pimms and Prosecco, plus rose, red and white wines and a range of soft drinks. Our Gin bar, kindly sponsored by ASM, will be offering a selection of delicious Foxdenton Gins. Everything you need to let you just kick back and listen to some great music. Open from 5.00 pm on Saturday 28th and from 1.00 pm on Sunday 29th. 

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Mitran Persian Food

Come and try Mitran’s delicious Persian food – from mouth watering lamb and chicken kebabs to gourmet, halloumi, vegan & veggie stews and healthy rice & salad wraps there’s something for everyone.


Mozzarellanation came from our desire to reproduce the taste and experience that we had whilst travelling through Italy.  Although the well lit, comfortable and long established pizza chains were great, it was the taste of the authentic ‘no fuss’ Neapolitan pizzerias that left a lasting impression.  It seemed like ‘proper’ food, the sort of food that just hits the spot!

After looking for the same tastes and experiences back here, it was soon apparent that the only way we could replicate the smells and tastes that we had experienced on our travels was to start making our own.  So, with the tips, hints and knowledge that we had gathered on our travels, our journey began and Mozzerellanation was born.

The authentic, distinctive taste that our log fired oven gives is unmistakable. No other form of cooking can replicate it.  As soon as our Neapolitan oven reaches 400 – 500 degrees is is ready for your freshly made pizza to be cooked, in just one minute!

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Panada Thai Food

Panada Thai Food

We are very pleased to welcome back Panada with her home cooked Thai Food.  A real taste of Thailand at Towersey Fringe!

Tiagos Fish & Chips

Come and try some delicious fish and chips from Tiagos….. the local fish and chip van that can be usually found in Chinnor and Longwick is making their first appearance at the Fringe!

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The Pork Shack

The Pork Shack

Bringing you a taste of the Phillipines with our delicious adobo pork dishes!

Amor Nachos

We are a small independent catering company offering our authentic Mexican Nachos

Amor Nachos Food Vendor

Gee’s will provide you with a professional bar service as well as serving delicious milkshakes, ice cream and hot drinks.  Just try and resist one of their signature ice cream milkshakes. Choose your sauce and topping! 

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