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President Obonjo

President Obonjo,  is an upcoming and increasingly successful stand-up comedian and who has been peforming Comedy for the past 10 years.. As the larger-than-life, uber-confident, self-appointed, side-splitting dictator of ‘Lafta Republic’, President Obonjo has quietly been leading a comedy revolution to become the first President to take over the comedy industry by storm. He has been creating rumblings by storming New Act competitions including winning Luton Comedian of the Year, Runner-Up at Great Yorkshire Fringe and was a finalist in the Naty New Act of the . His previous solo show President Obonjo Stole My Identity was performed in 2015 at Bath Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2015  and 2017  to packed crowds and critical acclaim.

“There was the potential of that high-status, comedy bomb-proof kind of character that Alexis Dubus has created so successfully with Marcel Lucont.” – Ben Veneables, Londonist 

“This hour-long show was a revelation… Not at all what I was expecting.” – John Fleming

Marcel Lucont

Marcel Lucont is without question the greatest UK-based French comedian around.

This multi-award-deserving flâneur, raconteur and bon-viveur is currently touring the world, charming women and insulting the stupid. His deadpan stand-up, world-class sex poetry and bawdy chansons have been a huge hit all over Europe, Australasia and America and he has improved many a TV show along the way, including:

  • Set List (Sky Atlantic)
  • Comedy Central At The Comedy Store
  • The John Bishop Show (BBC1)
  • John Bishop’s Christmas Show (BBC1)

And many more!

Cerys Nelmes

Hello there, you little buggers. I am a rough bird from the West Country. I do comedy, TV Warm Up, compering and acting! How do you like the sound of that?

Below is some stuff I’ve done and places I’ve performed!

  • Glee
  • Comedy Store
  • Hot Water Comedy
  • Piccadilly Comedy Club
  • Leicester Square Theatre
  • Comedy Hotspot

And many more!

David Tsonos

If you want serious comedy David Tsonos is not your man. His comedy stems from being the youngest of five boys, babysitting …his nephews and his cat. Whether it’s a Bar gig, a Comedy Club or a Corporate function David makes them laugh until they can laugh no more. (Well maybe a little more.)  Starting off in Canada in 1999 and now making London UK his home he has performed in over 15 countries. He has appeared at numerous fringe festivals in the UK including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bath and Hastings. He will continue to make people laugh until Aliens with no sense of humour take over Earth.

“Very confident, knows his material totally and had the crowd roaring. Good face and voice for comedy, great timing”. The Stand Comedy Club

He  has done oversees gigs in Bucharest, Dublin, Cluj, Budapest, Malta, Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp, Prague, Trondheim, Berlin, Guernsey, Oslo, Luxemburg and Brussels.

Tom Elwes

Young comic, featured in AAA Late Show Edinburgh 2019, with sharp storytelling and acute observations, and a large social media presence. 

Tom Elwes is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor.  Tom is one of the newest comics to break through on the comedy circuit.  As a life long Londoner, he uses a combination of storytelling and acute observations to make sense of his chaotic existence.  His quick wit and high energy charm make him one to look out for in the future.  Tom spent most of his 2020 developing a strong online presence and now has thousands of followers and his sketches have been viewed millions of times.

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