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In 2015 a group of enthusiastic Towersey villagers decided to hold a fundraising event on the August Bank holiday weekend at Towersey Playing Fields. They settled on the idea of a comedy evening featuring some of the finest comedians on the circuit, with bands and beer during the afternoon, to compliment the music festival hosted in nearby Thame. This was how the “Towersey Fringe” was born.  Everything is run by volunteers, bands provide their time for free and we look for as many sponsors as we can to help cover the costs involved.  The aim of the Fringe is to raise money for Towersey Playing Fields, a registered charity, which is badly in need of a new clubhouse, among other things, and with your help we will raise the money that is needed to provide it. So far (2019) we have raised an amazing £43,500 and have already refurbished the children’s play area, and which is being enjoyed by a great many children every day!

Towersey Fringe Committee

About Towersey Playing Fields

Towersey Playing Fields have been held in trust for the benefit of Towersey residents and members of its wider community for over 50 years.The Parish Council are Custodian Trustees, but the day to day development and management of the facility is taken care of by a Management Committee which is a Registered Charity.

The Playing Fields have always been financed by the community, with assistance from Oxfordshire Councils for specific large one off projects, and by donations from the Towersey Festival when funds permitted, and generous personal donations from individuals.  The Charity receives no regular funding from the Parish Council, which is unusual for a facility of this size (over 7 acres), although they do assist when asked and when their funds permit. The community has raised funds through all sorts of innovative events over the years and the Committee continues to plan to increase income and control costs to ensure best value.

It is increasingly unusual for a small community like Towersey to have retained such a wonderful site and facilities. On the edge of the village, on a slight rise, the fields look across the Vale of Aylesbury and towards the Phoenix trail.

There is a large children’s play area which is very popular with families travelling some distance to use it.  There is a well maintained cricket square, outfield and nets, room for at least two football pitches, floodlighting and a clubhouse.

The present Management Committee recognise what an important asset the Playing Field is for Towersey and its neighbouring communities.  Green playing fields are increasingly rare, as are sports facilities in general.  People of all ages are engaging in sports to improve their physical and mental health, and to seek out new social groups.

The Committee has ambitious plans for the entire site, such as renewing the floodlighting, installing an all-weather playing surface and building a new clubhouse.  Its aim is to provide facilities that will be open to the widest number of sports and participants. Our neighbouring community of Thame has major plans for expansion and first class sports facilities will be in high demand.  Following a consultation period the committee will draw up precise plans for the site and then seek to source

government and local funding being made available to such projects. This is your opportunity to get in at the ground floor and be part of a legacy that we can leave for future generations.

You can contact us at: info@towerseyfringe.co.uk

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